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Ten Thousand Tiny Voices Wanting To Provide Us A Beautiful Place To Play

In this moving six-minute microtalk from GDC 2011, Independent Games Festival chairman Brandon Boyer champions the countless independent developers that still have something sincere to say through gaming.


"What I want for us all is to be creating and championing the games that remind people everywhere of why they used to play, instead of reminding them why they no longer do." With those words former writer for Gamasutra and Edge Magazine Brandon Boyer neatly summarizes his short talk on the bringing the joy and wonder back to games.

For all the flash and pomp going into today'/s blockbuster titles, few manage to capture the joy I felt as a child, sitting in front of my crappy little black and white television, developing a sore between my thumb and forefinger during a two-hour marathon of Berserk on the Atari 2600.


Simply making bigger and brighter versions of games that have come before isn't enough. I will never feel the same as I did back then, but there are games that have been or will be made that can come close, tapping into the wonder I felt as a child.

Listen to this man speak, and be moved.

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Char Aznable

Can any game make me feel like I'm playing Parasite Eve or Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2) again?