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Minecraft Maker Promises No Minecraft 2, Rejoices In Fake Awards

The truth of the matter is that Minecraft maestro Markus "Notch" Persson won five awards at the Game Developers Conference this week: an audience choice award, an indie grand prize, a best downloadable game trophy, another for innovation and one for best debut game.


That's truth.

Most of the interview I did with him after the awards this week, however, was fiction.


Except the Minecraft 2 part. He really doesn't want to make a Minecraft 2. That makes sense.

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This is my youtube comment, guess I'll put it here too:

"Notch, please develop a minecraft in space... "round" planets of cubes to mine in orbits around suns, create-your-own battleships with engines, lasers, missiles... in a multiplayer world with trading, war, scientific developments, blueprints for new machines (not all known as they are now) ~ a truly freeform emergent gameplay. let er rip!