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Peter Molyneux Has A Lifetime Achievement Award And A Message For His Haters

Game designer Peter Molyneux, he of Populous, Fable, Black & White, Kinect's Project Milo and lots of really great promises, won a lifetime achievement award at the Game Developers Conference this week.


I've always found Molyneux charming and refreshingly full of enthusiasm, but he and I both know that plenty of gamers feel he over-promises cool content for his studio's games.

What a perfect opportunity the GDC awards presented, then, to have him address all his fans and his critics. He did in classic Peter Molyneux fashion, making Wednesday night the first time I've had an interviewee say, "You're right, I am the son of Satan."

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KingKellogg the Waffle Haggler

Molyneux does not deserve a lifetime achievement award,his only great game was Fable 1.Since it his games have gotten worst and worst.