FBI Pulls Online Game Records Of Accused Tucson Shooter

The FBI on Wednesday asked for communications logs from Earth Empires, the massively multiplayer online game played by Jared Loughner, accused of the shooting Saturday in Tucson, Ariz. that left six dead and 14 wounded, including a member of Congress. » 1/13/11 12:00am 1/13/11 12:00am

Concentration Camp Game Was Meant To Be 'Fun'

The developers of Sonderkommando Revolt, the video game set amidst a violent prisoner uprising in a Nazi concentration camp, reads like exploitative revenge fantasy. But its creator says the team behind the first-person shooter makes no political statement and has no agenda. It's "blast the Nazis fun," its maker says. » 12/10/10 3:20pm 12/10/10 3:20pm

U.S. Pegs Kim Jong-Il's Second Son As A Gaming Loser

One son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is too busy playing video games to take over the country, according to a video game surprise found among the reams of U.S. government cables disseminated by the Wikileaks organization. » 12/09/10 10:40am 12/09/10 10:40am

Is This The Year's Most Liberal Video Game?

Sure, video games let us shoot at Fidel Castro and play as former Presidents, but where's the game that attacks our favorite conservative Supreme Court Justices? If you don't mind spoilers or hate the Citizens United decision, keep reading. » 11/18/10 5:00pm 11/18/10 5:00pm

Killing Castro

My first, perhaps my only visit to Cuba came last week in a video game that asked me to kill the man responsible for taking my grandfather's property from him and who changed the country so dramatically it ensured our family would never return. » 11/15/10 11:00am 11/15/10 11:00am