The First of Many Updates to Design is Live Right Now

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This morning Kotaku pushed live a little (but very hard-won) update to our code that most folks probably won't even notice. But for more dedicated readers and those with older web browsers, these changes should help to soothe at least some of the wounds inflicted by the redesign.

  • You can finally share links on Facebook and whatnot—with normal results! We've rejiggered our URL structure by removing the "hashbang" (#!) that appeared in URLs after the redesign. This will allow thumbs and excerpts to show when you paste a Kotaku link into Facebook, Reddit, Stumbleupon, and other social networks.
  • Users with "legacy" (read: old) browsers will once again be able to enjoy Kotaku at its full strength. It's been touch and go, we know. That includes an updated, cleaner version of the Blog View, as well. (Click the button in the title bar to switch between views.)
  • The code changes mean that we'll be able to launch our new mobile and iPad versions of the site in the very near future. I've seen them. They're a huge improvement. But let's not talk timelines yet; just writing this post could jinx it all.
  • International redirects should now work properly, instead of routing you around in an endless loop between local and U.S. defaults.

If you're still having problems with these issues or something new pops up (yay), please send a note to our help desk with your browser name, version number, and operating system (and a screenshot of the problem, if you can). There are real live people there waiting to assist you. Or at least alive enough. They're mostly alive.

I know it's taken us a long time to make even these what-appear-to-be-small tweaks since the redesign. But the good news is that our tech team have been banging their knuckles in the backend for over two months making fundamental architecture changes that will make further improvements to the site appear at an ever increasing pace. (God and Hungarian overlords willing.)

We appreciate that you've stuck around through this admittedly stormy time. And don't hesitate to let me know about further tweaks and improvements you'd like to see.

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Video dedicated to everyone that is still whining about the new layout.

I think the new layout still needs some work..but it's going in the right way.

Things that I think it would be an improvement:

- Having the option to see the comments from new to old and old to new;

- Improving the adding images to post features (it fails from time to time);

- Allowing more than 3 or 4 replies to be seen when checking our replies on the Speakup and Tips forums;

- It would be good to have some link on the front page to these fórums also;

- The persons to whom someone replies, should be seen on that persons reply (I know it's possible to see it by selecting the thread...but it would be good to see it on the main topic);

- One major problem...when someone replies and the topic ends in "/galerry/1?comment*number*", the site redirects to the main topic...and we need to find the thread for ourselves (or edit the link and remove /gallery);

- In the now new reply system the stars of the repliers seem to be out of place...doesn't matter much, but it could be easily fixed;

- Btw, the front page now seems to always load without being in Blog view...where as before it showed up as we had left it...but i guess that's because não the URL changes for the blog view.

Still.. it would be good if it recognised how we 'left it'. It could even be tied in to our account!

I'll reply if I remember anything else. ;)

Keep up the good work.