Author Says Games Workshop Is Trying To Own The Term "Space Marine"

It's about as ubiquitous a term in science fiction—and video games—as "starship", "lightspeed" and "datapad", but an author at the centre of a copyright struggle claims that Games Workshop, the company behind the Warhammer 40K franchise, is trying to take legal possession of the term "space marine". » 2/06/13 11:30pm 2/06/13 11:30pm

There's a Digital Version of the Talisman Board Game Coming, For Real…

Stop dragging my heart around, Games Workshop. After teasing us with a Capcom-developed version of the fantasy board game that devoured my soul in the early 90's that never came to fruition, the Warhammer folks hand the property over to Nomad Games, who plan to create a series of Talisman games for PC and mobile… » 9/18/12 1:15pm 9/18/12 1:15pm

More Warhammer Online Fiction On The Way

Having seen success with the first novel based on the Warhammer Online MMORPG, Empire In Chaos, Mythic Entertainment and Games Workshop publishing division The Black Library have gone ahead and announced a new novel in the Warhammer Online series, Dark Storm Gathering. Treachery blooms behind Imperial lines and only a… » 11/20/08 1:20pm 11/20/08 1:20pm