Give the B's an A for Effort

The Boston Bruins are a tough bunch, having come back from a two-game deficit to open the first round of the NHL playoffs, and currently leading Tampa Bay 2-1 after losing the conference finals opener at home. Feeling confident, one bigtime B's fan decided to test their mettle online against a live opponent taking the…

Sportsmanlike Conduct

Twenty-five penalty minutes, multiple fight challenges. Tripping and a short-handed goal in the third period. There were any number of opportunities to ragequit out of this online multiplayer game of NHL 11. But for some reason, perhaps stubbornness, both sides played through.

Reader t0ddd prevailed, but it took…


Homecoming Kings

The Rays and the Red Sox had an old-fashioned bad-blood rivalry early last decade, one that cooled off in animosity as the talent gap between the two clubs has narrowed. When these two American League East franchises meet, three big name players will be facing their former team.