The Deep Sea Is Terrifying, And This Game Proves It

My hands are sweating. As I walk inside narrow metal hallways, I notice that I'm hearing things that, frankly, I'm not even sure are actually there. Hollow screeches. Faraway wails. It reminds me of seeing a shadow in the corner of your eyes, a darkness your sight never catches up with but that you're still convinced… » 4/04/14 1:30pm 4/04/14 1:30pm

​Crap, We're Going to Have to Go Down That Tunnel, Aren't We?

Clumps of probably-sentient, probably-murderous super-fungus. A vent that looks to have been violently wrenched open. A space suit with some kind of tentacles growing out of its head-place. And a dead body off in the distance. Yup, that's where you're supposed to go. » 1/22/14 11:00am 1/22/14 11:00am

The Next Game From The Creators Of Amnesia Looks Disturbing As Hell

Soma, the next game from the folks behind Amnesia will be out in 2015 for PC and PlayStation 4, and it's a doozy—a sci-fi horror game starring a psychotic computer that sounds like an angrier GLaD0S. Here's the first bit of gameplay footage. » 10/11/13 10:00am 10/11/13 10:00am

I'm Getting Nervous Just Watching This A Machine For Pigs Halloween…

In the Halloween trailer above released today by Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs developers Frictional Games, you'll see the protagonist's panting, nervous crawls through the indirect sequel to The Dark Descent. Oh, and our own Kirk Hamilton will be happy to see that you can lean around corners to scope out dangers. Of… » 10/31/12 10:54am 10/31/12 10:54am

Horror Is Not Mainstream

With each new year, it feels like I'm watching another horror series becomes less horrific. Resident Evil, Alien, and most recently, Dead Space. What started out as pure, hardcore horror becomes a fun, popcorn-munching good time. » 7/21/12 12:00am 7/21/12 12:00am

A Terrifying First Look at the Sequel to the Scariest PC Game Ever

In case you don't want to watch the first teaser trailer for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, let me summarize it for you: Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, oh god what is that? What the hell is that?! » 6/15/12 8:30am 6/15/12 8:30am

Two Ways to Make Horror Games Better? More Build-Up, Less Combat

If you ask Frictional Games' developers, horror games haven't evolved much since the genre's late 1990s/early 2000s heyday where Silent Hill and Fatal Frame showed off just how scary a video game experience could be. Sure, titles like Dead Space and Frictional's own Amnesia capture new glory for the horror category… » 4/26/12 3:30pm 4/26/12 3:30pm

Amnesia Developer Eyeing Consoles While Working On New, Slightly Less…

You guys all played Amnesia: The Dark Descent, right? That whole game "happened" before I came onboard at Kotaku, but I hope that everyone here had a chance to play it and talk about it to the extent that it deserved. Because seriously: scary, rad game. » 9/09/11 9:30pm 9/09/11 9:30pm