It's Like Amnesia And Aliens Had A Hideous Baby

Come wander the dark, flickering hallways of Upsilon, the first environment video from Soma, the sci-fi horror game from the makers of Amnesia.


For my money, creepy wanderings in space beat out creepy wanderings anywhere else. It's a matter of expectations— if I am in a creepy old house, I expect monsters and ghosts and nastiness. If I am in a derelict space station or ship, I expect nothing because it's space and everything should be dead, dammit.

Frictional Games is building this beastie for PlayStation 4 and PC, and it's not due out until 2015. That leaves them with far too much time to add creepy and horror and make us question our very existence in Soma.



PC is the main platform, so why would you mention Ps4 first?