EA 'Didn't Make It Easy' to Understand Its Wii U Intentions, Says Exec

The boss of Electronic Arts' games labels admits the company has sent vague, if not conflicting messages about its intentions on the Wii U, but with the BBC he wasn't going to be more specific about what games, if any, they'd be making for the console in the future. » 6/12/13 3:00pm 6/12/13 3:00pm

EA Says They’re Not Killing Single-Player Games

Pop quiz: name the video game company leader that said the following: "I have not green lit one game to be developed as a single-player experience. Today, all of our games include online applications and digital services that make them live 24/7/365." » 9/05/12 5:00pm 9/05/12 5:00pm

Dead Space, Army Of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company Sequels Planned, Sun …

According to EA Games president Frank Gibeau and EA Redwood Shores general manager Glen Schofield, EA is planning on producing sequels to recent hits Army of Two, Battlefield: Bad Company and Dead Space. We'll agree that it's about as shocking as finding one's nose still attached to one's face, but it illustrates just… » 10/23/08 6:40pm 10/23/08 6:40pm