Dead Space 3 Will Have Co-Op, Be Out February 2013

EA just showed off Dead Space 3, which, as expected, will have a cooperative multiplayer mode.


In a new trailer that EA just showed at its E3 press briefing, we can see presumable protagonist Isaac Clarke teaming up with fellow hero Earthgov Sergeant John Carver to shoot aliens on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis.


EA also said the cooperative mode will have "additional story details and gameplay mechanics."

Here's the official website. Dead Space 3 will be out next February.

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Char Aznable

I don't know why people are mad. The games weren't really scary before, so adding co-op doesn't really take away the fear factor. My girlfriend will be fucking STOKED, she loves the Dead Space games but she doesn't play them because she isn't much of a gamer, she just loves that kind of sci-fi story and loves watching me play them. Now that she can play it herself while I'm in the world to help her, like she could with Borderlands, I'm sure she'll be super excited!