How Not To Complain To A Developer

As Vlambeer, the studio I work at, has gotten bigger and our community has grown beyond our biggest fans, I've noticed a shift in the way people interact with us. Where we used to mostly get messages of support and understanding, the ratio of messages that treat us like two guys making video games versus those that…


When do we call the current console generation the last generation, and the next generation the current generation? Day one of the first console? Once all consoles have launched? After all games of their launch window? A year? Let's talk this over.


The Refractory Period

The other day my co-worker Sander (he used to work at 1up) lamented his complete inability to finish Mass Effect. Likewise, I'm simultaneously interested in finishing Bully and completely uninterested in playing it. We were playing these titles when our Xboxes RRoD'd, Sander's in late January, mine in March. It is now…