How Not To Complain To A Developer

As Vlambeer, the studio I work at, has gotten bigger and our community has grown beyond our biggest fans, I've noticed a shift in the way people interact with us. Where we used to mostly get messages of support and understanding, the ratio of messages that treat us like two guys making video games versus those that… » 1/30/14 2:00pm 1/30/14 2:00pm

When do we call the current console generation the last generation, and the next generation the current generation? Day one of the first console? Once all consoles have launched? After all games of their launch window? A year? Let's talk this over. » 11/16/13 11:00am 11/16/13 11:00am

Incumbents Rule in Sunday Comics' Latest Elections

The votes have been counted and your lineup for Sunday Comics is set. All eight of the existing features will return. ActionTrip, which ran from Sunday Comics' debut in 2009 until last year, returns. Life in Aggro is the only totally new strip readers chose. » 9/28/13 11:00am 9/28/13 11:00am

Vote on Your New Sunday Comics Lineup!

OK, first a mea culpa. It was dumb of me to open a call for nominations for new strips in our Sunday Comics feature and then go on vacation. I promise I did not forget about this. In fact, we've got a good list of nine new candidates, and right now you get to vote on them and the eight incumbents. » 9/21/13 11:00am 9/21/13 11:00am

Sunday Comics Needs New Strips. Go Find Me Some Pledges.

Well, alright. The tree of video game webcomic humor must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of ... new video game webcomics. Or something. This is the only democratically elected feature on Kotaku, and I'm calling new elections. » 9/08/13 11:00am 9/08/13 11:00am

Presenting Your New Sunday Comics Lineup

Last week you voted on the lineup for Kotaku's Sunday Comics feature. The roster going forward will be: » 12/22/12 3:00pm 12/22/12 3:00pm

11. Corpse Run (1,438) 12. Nerd Rage (1,411) 13. x-Action Trip (1,327) 14. x-Legacy Control (1,244) 15. ReadySoup (1,077) 16. Unicorn Soup (901)

Tell Us the 10 Comics for Kotaku's Sunday Comics Makeover [UPDATE]

Last week we opened up nominations for new additions to our Sunday Comics feature. Seven candidates satisfied the standards we put down for inclusion, so I am delighted to present them to you for your consideration in our 10-comic weekly feature. » 12/16/12 11:15am 12/16/12 11:15am

Sunday Comics Needs New Strips. Give Us the Names of Some Good…

It's been a year since we added a new comic to our Sunday Comics lineup, and as we are down to nine features, when we usually published 10, and some others have been updating inconsistently, it's as good a time as any to roll out the Sunday Comics Deathmatch overhaul that we last ran in 2010. » 12/02/12 6:00pm 12/02/12 6:00pm

No Random Encounters Today. Instead, Let's Have A Chat.

As you read this, I am wandering around Seattle for PAX Prime, playing games and talking to people and crafting stories for my glorious Kotaku overlords. So, sadly, there will be no JRPG column today. » 8/31/12 2:55pm 8/31/12 2:55pm

These Are Kotaku Readers' Least Desirable, Most Fruitcake-y Game Gifts

Yesterday, we asked you, the Kotaku readership, to name the video games that might make the least thrilling gifts to find under the Christmas tree this season, metaphorically, the fruitcake or the Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge of gaming gifts. » 11/30/10 7:30pm 11/30/10 7:30pm

What Is This Season's Video Game 'Fruitcake'?

Many of you are about to be on the receiving end of gifts this holiday season, many of those gifts being video games. Unfortunately, for some unlucky giftees, you'll be getting the video game equivalent of a fruitcake. » 11/29/10 10:00pm 11/29/10 10:00pm

What Do You Want To Know About Super Scribblenauts?

The sequel to Scribblenauts, last year's quirky, creative hit for the DS, is in our hands and we're playing it for review. You can help out by letting us know what you want to know about Super Scribblenauts. » 10/14/10 9:30pm 10/14/10 9:30pm

Let's Talk About Medal of Honor

Danger Close's reboot of the Medal of Honor series stirred up quite a bit of controversy because of its momentary inclusion of playable Taliban in the game's multiplayer. But that has nothing to do with the game's quality. » 10/08/10 10:00am 10/08/10 10:00am

What Do You Want To Know About Castlevania: Lords of Shadow?

Konami's new take on the Castlevania franchise has arrived. We're now in the process of reviewing developer Mercury Steam and Kojima Productions' new action-adventure game and want to know what you want to know about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. » 10/06/10 3:40pm 10/06/10 3:40pm

You Came, You Saw, You Critiqued

Last week I mentioned that Kotaku readers in New York City would have the opportunity to go to a local game development studio, play a new game and tell the developers what you thought. Some of you did that. » 11/11/09 6:00pm 11/11/09 6:00pm

The Refractory Period

The other day my co-worker Sander (he used to work at 1up) lamented his complete inability to finish Mass Effect. Likewise, I'm simultaneously interested in finishing Bully and completely uninterested in playing it. We were playing these titles when our Xboxes RRoD'd, Sander's in late January, mine in March. It is now… » 5/11/08 2:00pm 5/11/08 2:00pm