What Is This Season's Video Game 'Fruitcake'?

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Many of you are about to be on the receiving end of gifts this holiday season, many of those gifts being video games. Unfortunately, for some unlucky giftees, you'll be getting the video game equivalent of a fruitcake.


For instance, you may find a copy of Guitar Hero: Van Halen or James Cameron's Avatar: The Game under the Christmas tree this year. You may be given a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 during Hanukkah, fully aware of how mediocre it is. You'll put on a brave face and say a convincing "Thank you" to your gift giver, the person who doesn't realize that these aren't the games you were hoping for, because they had the best intentions of purchasing you a gift that factors in your interests.

Like the fruitcake, perhaps the most disappointing holiday gift dessert to be on the receiving end of and a frequent object of "re-gifting," there are many potential video games that would be unwelcome presents to find yourself owning this holiday. They would be the least desirable, most passed-on item at a White Elephant gift exchange or Yankee Swap.

Video game "fruitcakes" have certain characteristics: They're cheap. Almost no one wants to get one. They can be conceivably bought and given with good intentions.

But we're looking to you, Kotaku reader, for the best suggestion, the most "fruitcake" video game released in the last year, give or take. Your nominations for games that fit these criteria and a supporting argument are sincerely wanted in the comments.



Not being an american myself, I don't understand this thing about fruitcakes. What is it that makes them so bad, exactly?