What Do You Want To Know About Super Scribblenauts?

The sequel to Scribblenauts, last year's quirky, creative hit for the DS, is in our hands and we're playing it for review. You can help out by letting us know what you want to know about Super Scribblenauts.

In an effort to ensure that Kotaku's reviews are better informing you about the content, the gameplay, and the positives and negatives of the games we play, we're looking to more directly and actively involve the community. If you have a burning question about Super Scribblenauts that you want to see answered in our upcoming review, this is the place to ask.


It's also the right place for Kotaku commenters to talk to each other about the game. Answer each other's questions, ask new ones, and let us know what is important to you about each game we review. We're hoping to directly answer some of your questions in future reviews, kicking off the discussion in posts like this one.

(This is not, however, the best place to praise, grumble or vent about Kotaku's review format. Please take that discussion to the #kotakueditorialboard.)

So. Let's have it. What do you want to know about Super Scribblenauts?

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