Let's Talk About Medal of Honor

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Danger Close's reboot of the Medal of Honor series stirred up quite a bit of controversy because of its momentary inclusion of playable Taliban in the game's multiplayer. But that has nothing to do with the game's quality.


I suspect that most of us don't weigh the morality of a developer's design choices when deciding whether or not to buy a game.

I'm playing through Medal of Honor for the second time now and I want to make sure that I keep an eye out for anything that you may be concerned about with the game. In an effort to ensure that Kotaku's reviews are better informing you about the content, the gameplay, and the positives and negatives of the games we play, we're looking to more directly and actively involve the community.


If you have a burning question about Medal of Honor that you want to see answered in our upcoming review, this is the place to ask.

It's also the right place for Kotaku commenters to talk to each other about the game. Answer each other's questions, ask new ones, and let us know what is important to you about each game we review. We're hoping to directly answer some of your questions in some of our future reviews, kicking off the discussion in posts like this one.

(This is not, however, the best place to praise, grumble or vent about Kotaku's review format. Please take that discussion to the #kotakueditorialboard or e-mail me directly at editor@kotaku.com so that we can discuss it.)

So. Let's have it. What do you want to know about Medal of Honor? Feel free to use this as your forum hang-out for the discussion of the game as well. Just bookmark it.

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I played the beta for PC, and really enjoyed it... However would it be worth getting on the PS3 for Airborne?