No Random Encounters Today. Instead, Let's Have A Chat.

As you read this, I am wandering around Seattle for PAX Prime, playing games and talking to people and crafting stories for my glorious Kotaku overlords. So, sadly, there will be no JRPG column today.

But! Let's not waste the week. Let's use this as an opportunity for some reader feedback. Let's chat.


What do you like about Random Encounters? What do you dislike? Do you think articles should be longer? Shorter? Mediumer? Would you like to see more interview-driven pieces or more personal opinions? More silly experiments? More crazy discoveries?

Are there any games or series you want to see more of? Any big questions you want answered or debated? Any great JRPG-related stories you want told?

Now's your big chance to tell me what you think. All opinions not posted on this article will be instantly ignored. Just kidding. Maybe. But I will be reading everything you have to say here, so speak up!


Random Encounters is a weekly column dedicated to all things JRPG. It runs every Friday at 3pm ET.

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