Every Reason Wonder Woman Should Be in a Blockbuster Movie

DC Comics has a Holy Trinity, a trio of decades-old world-renown characters that are the publisher’s bedrock. In the last 35 years, Superman has had six big-budget movies come out from major studios. Batman’s gotten eight. But Wonder Woman hasn’t had any. This video shows why the complete lack of onscreen Diana is a… »9/30/13 3:15pm9/30/13 3:15pm

Mortal Kombat's Web Series and Movie Will Be Totally Different Things

It seemed like Mortal Kombat was dead for a while there. No games, no movies, no Fatalities. But now, the gory fighting franchise is back, with a movie in development and season two of a slickly-made web series making its debut today. (The first episode is above.) The same guy is in charge of both, but he says the… »9/26/13 6:30pm9/26/13 6:30pm