DC Comics has a Holy Trinity, a trio of decades-old world-renown characters that are the publisher’s bedrock. In the last 35 years, Superman has had six big-budget movies come out from major studios. Batman’s gotten eight. But Wonder Woman hasn’t had any. This video shows why the complete lack of onscreen Diana is a goddamn shame.

The thing with Wonder Woman is that she works as a character in two wildly divergent realities. She’s equally at home in amongst the Greco-Roman myths of yore and the injustices of the war-torn modern day world. Even though it’s basically a sizzle reel, the clip above from Rainfall Films shows that dichotomy in full effect, with impressive effects work to boot. It seems like always loose talk regarding some TV show/movie about Wonder Woman that just might happen if we all wish hard enough. Wishes aren’t necessary. Wonder Woman is a great concept that can hold its own. Come on already, Warner Bros.