How can this short action flick manage to knock out the previous title holder for best fan made Call of Duty movie? It's bigger, bloodier and has a more substantial budget. And it's from the same creative team.


The second chapter of Niko Pueringer and Sam Gorski's Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing makes use of its comparatively massive budget—this one cost about $600 USD, compared to the $209.42 USD—with sharper effects, more bloodspray and loads of slo-mo bullet-filled action. It even switches to iron sights for a moment, just to show the makers of the Doom movie how it's done, Modern Warfare-style.


In fact, there might even be a story in there too, if you're looking for even more reasons to click play.

Modern Warfare: Frozen Crossing Pt. 2 [YouTube - thanks, Oberoi!]

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