Awesome Duke Nukem Fan Film Has The Right Amount Of Smoking, Strippers

What would be the necessary ingredients for a Duke Nukem movie? Alien invasions, scantily clad women, cigar smoking and action hero swagger, all of which are on display in fan film The Duke: Fate of Humanity.

Directed by Finnish filmmaker Paul J. Helin, The Duke: Fate of Humanity is a "nod towards the toughest bad-ass of all time," according to the short's official Facebook fan page. There's not much dialogue in this slightly-NSFW film that tells the tale of Mr. Nukem ogling an exotic dancer and being upset that aliens invading earth have spilled his beer. But it sure is attractive.

This is a damn fine looking Duke tribute, which we hope grows into something even more spectacular.


The Duke: Fate of Humanity [YouTube - thanks, Jirka!]

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Fancy Prestige

Dreadlocks. Ew.

Also, Is it just me or is it annoying that all of Duke Nukem's catchphrases were ripped off from other, better properties like "Army of Darkness" or "They Live"?

Aside from that this was a fine looking fan film.