Europe Grateful for Faster, Less Authentic Version of F-Zero

So, remember that at the end of last month, European (and Australian) Wii U gamers were hopping mad because their Virtual Console re-release of Balloon Fight ran slower—at 50 frames per second—and smaller, reflecting the lower refresh rate of PAL tubes from the 1980s. NTSC TVs had faster refreshes, meaning gamers in… » 2/20/13 10:00am 2/20/13 10:00am

F-Zero and Yoshi Return (Sort Of) in the Wii U's Nintendo Land

While Nintendo's making sure to have at least one big first-party title available for the launch of their new console in the form of New Super Mario Bros U, some of the company's other heavy hitters are quite as lucky. Metroid Blast—part of the themed mini-game collection Nintendo Land—isn't quite a full Samus Aran… » 10/29/12 1:23pm 10/29/12 1:23pm

A Love Letter to My Favourite Racing Game of All Time: F-Zero GX

I've played a lot of driving games. Some, like Gran Turismo, I play because they're like an interactive version of a glossy car brochure. Others, like Dirt, I play for the sensation of barely keeping in control of a car that looks a lot like the actually parked in my garage.

And then there's F-Zero GX. » 6/20/12 11:00pm 6/20/12 11:00pm