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A Racing Game With Some Serious F-Zero Vibes

There are few better feelings in games than shooting through a corkscrew at blinding speeds. Super Pilot is a futuristic racing game that not only feels damn fast, it lets you craft your own stunning tracks. It is this week’s indie pick!


Super Pilot is Greenlit on Steam and should release sometime this year. Today, we’re talking about its impressive demo. There’s more going on here than in many major titles today. Taking liberal inspiration from F-Zero and Wipeout, the racing in Super Pilot is responsive and exciting. Cutting across a lane feels smooth as butter.

It might have been enough for the demo to offer one track and a time trial but there’s a lot here. Tracks can support up to 50 AI bot opponents and there’s four player split screen as well. But the real draw is the track editor.

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Building tracks in Super Pilot is very easy. A simple stroke of the control stick allows players to lay the foundations. Tracks can elevate to astounding heights and there’s an exhaustive selection of twists and loops to add. These tracks can be tested on the fly, quickly edited, and saved for later use.

None of these features are revolutionary but Super Pilot is an incredibly satisfying game. It just feels really good to play. The racing is top notch and all of the features mean that you will be able to test yourself on as many tracks as you can imagine. Super Pilot’s sure to scratch the itch of anyone with a need for speed.

You can play the demo on Windows PC.

Each week, I show off a new, affordable indie game using the tag “Heather’s Indie Pick.”


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Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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  1. Minimum specs?
  2. That looks fucking amazing. I want it. Badly.