Elite: Dangerous’ richest players are bored.

Elite: Dangerous’ richest players are bored. PCGamesN has a great feature on what the space sim’s players do when they become ungodly rich. It’s revealing. “It got boring to do anything,” said space billionaire Andrew Jennings. “Once you get the best ship for whatever you’re doing, you didn’t need anything else.” »9/14/15 4:00pm9/14/15 4:00pm

Despite Player Outcry, Elite: Dangerous Will Remain Always Online

Elite: Dangerous is shaping up to be the best open galaxy/virtual reality space trucking game this side of the Milky Way (which it includes all of), but controversy recently blotted out its starry sky when Frontier yanked a long-promised offline mode right before release. Worse, not everybody was offered refunds. »12/09/14 8:15pm12/09/14 8:15pm