The Joystick Is Back. Long Live The Joystick.

It's a word that's synonymous with video games, but let's be real: outside of some niche genres the joystick has been dead and buried as a viable control method for well over a decade now. » 3/24/15 7:30pm 3/24/15 7:30pm

Elite: Dangerous Honors Terry Pratchett With Discworld Space Station

Last week, revered author Terry Pratchett, best known for his brilliantly witty, insightful, and incisive Discworld series, passed away after a battle with Alzheimer's. The makers of Elite: Dangerous have created a whole space station in his honor. » 3/18/15 8:00pm 3/18/15 8:00pm

Want to make some money in Elite: Dangerous? The feisty space-pirates over at Rock, Paper Shotgun have put together a useful guide to Elite's many career paths. Give it a read and that Lakon Type-6 will be yours in no time. » 3/17/15 5:30pm 3/17/15 5:30pm

Elite: Dangerous now has "Wings". As in, you and your buddies can team up and fly through the galaxy, sharing map locations, comms and even bonuses for trading. 14 year-old Luke is like "holy shit, finally". » 3/11/15 7:22pm 3/11/15 7:22pm

Elite: Dangerous was announced for Xbox One yesterday, but what about PlayStation 4 owners? You're in luck. Creator David Braben clarified on Twitter it's a timed exclusive, and Elite: Dangerous will arrive on PS4 eventually. » 3/05/15 11:14am 3/05/15 11:14am

Sci-Fi Video Games Pay Tribute To Leonard Nimoy

Following the passing of Leonard Nimoy last week, space games like Star Trek Online, Elite: Dangerous, and Star Citizen all have heart-warming plans to memorialize the man who brought Spock to life. » 3/02/15 2:00pm 3/02/15 2:00pm

The Art Of Elite: Dangerous' Space Photographers

I've been playing Elite: Dangerous lately. It's a cool, albeit very unfinished game, which at times is notable for how dry and lifeless it is. At other times, though, it might be the most beautiful video game I've ever played. » 2/24/15 9:00pm 2/24/15 9:00pm

Elite Dangerous Isn't Sure How to Punish Space Murder

Elite's lead designer, Sandro Sammarco, has discussed possible changes to bounties and exposed an interesting issue with video game punishments: what if they're too effective? » 1/20/15 7:30am 1/20/15 7:30am

Game Recreates Entire Galaxy, 1,000 Players Determined To Explore It

Some people play gigantic space game Elite: Dangerous to lead humble, (relatively) ordinary space lives. They do missions, make deliveries, and decorate their cockpits with silly little bobbleheads. Then there's The Great Expedition. » 1/06/15 7:17pm 1/06/15 7:17pm

​Classic Rock Makes Elite: Dangerous Way Better

Elite: Dangerous' orchestral soundtrack was composed by a talented musician named Erasmus Talbot. It's perfectly nice, but there's also the game's other soundtrack, composed by the likes of Billy Gibbons, Norman Greenbaum, and Ace Frehley. » 12/30/14 7:30pm 12/30/14 7:30pm

Hey, Elite: Dangerous Is Actually Out Today

After months of early-access alphas and betas and gammas(?), Elite: Dangerous is officially out today. I've been playing various incarnations of Frontier's space-sim off and on for a while now, and I dig it. » 12/16/14 9:29pm 12/16/14 9:29pm

An ‘Honest’ Elite: Dangerous Trailer That’s Closer To The Actual Game

Nowhere is it written that a video game trailer must accurately depict the entirety of the game it's advertising. Still, it's funny to see trailers like the very exciting (!) and action-packed (!) new trailer for Elite: Dangerous, considering that the actual game is much more slow-paced. » 12/11/14 4:00pm 12/11/14 4:00pm

Despite Player Outcry, Elite: Dangerous Will Remain Always Online

Elite: Dangerous is shaping up to be the best open galaxy/virtual reality space trucking game this side of the Milky Way (which it includes all of), but controversy recently blotted out its starry sky when Frontier yanked a long-promised offline mode right before release. Worse, not everybody was offered refunds. » 12/09/14 8:15pm 12/09/14 8:15pm

Elite: Dangerous will be out on December 16. Sure, lots of people (like me) have been playing the online space sim's ongoing beta for a while, but Elite will get a 'real' release in just a few weeks. » 11/07/14 1:50pm 11/07/14 1:50pm

Elite: Dangerous Just Got A Ton Of New Stuff

Today, Frontier Developments launched the third beta phase of their open-ended PC space sim Elite: Dangerous. The Beta 3 update adds a bunch of welcome new features, and likely gives an even better sense of what the final game will be like. » 10/29/14 3:30pm 10/29/14 3:30pm