Elite Players Find A Giant Derelict Spaceship

 Image: Shabooka
Image: Shabooka

The Elite Dangerous community, no stranger to long-running and elaborate in-game mysteries, is currently in the midst of another, with players having followed some clues to find a massive ship that’s just drifting out there, alone in space, with nobody left alive onboard.


As Eurogamer report, the ship appears to be part of a storyline that was begun in an official tie-in novel three years ago, and through some clues has led players to a system in which the megaship Zurara—one of the biggest ships in the game—is just sitting there.

What makes this interesting is that unscripted anomalies like this in a game of this scale are always unique and incredibly rare. Especially so when players found that this derelict ship not only has logs that can be scanned, but those logs play out as audio files, something you almost never see (well, hear) in Elite.

Image: Shabooka
Image: Shabooka

There are theories that the discovery isn’t just an isolated incident, and that it’s in fact linked to a growing storyline involving all of the game’s major factions and, maybe, those aliens as well.

All of which is a very cool, slow-burning treat for a game that began as little more an an interstellar trucking simulator, and has slowly grown into quite the space adventure mystery.

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I really wanted to get into this game but the only time you ever discover anything cool is if you’re a part of the ARG community or whatever and are the 1 in a million person to happen upon the thing. If you wanted to play this game for anything outside of being the interstellar trucking simulator that it is, I hope you find that satisfaction that I couldn’t find until No Man’s Sky came out, unfulfilled promises and all.