Your Best Stories Of Getting Rescued In Video Games

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In video games, we’re used to being heroes, saving hapless innocents from villains, monsters, and their own demons. Sometimes, though, we need a hero to save us. Here are stories of players coming to each other’s rescue, not because they had to, but because they could.


Earlier this week, I asked readers to tell me their best stories of when somebody came to their rescue in their darkest video game hour. I received a deluge of words about human kindness and even a couple tales that ended in real-life friendship. Also, one involved a talking dog.

‘He said he left his game on for 6 hours a day waiting for someone to rescue him’

Summer loving happened so fast

Lean on me, when you’re not strong


Old school justice


‘The guy I’d saved from the ledge bug shows up to save me’


‘This is really nice gear’ [ominous pause]


‘I had been playing a multiplayer game and didn’t even realize it’


‘I had 15 minutes of life support oxygen before it was gone’


They’re good dogs, Bront of the Frozen Wastes


Hell yeah


And lastly, here’s one that was emailed to me by Daniel Czarny:

“I had just started playing Rust on Steam after reading stuff and seeing videos of the game. I was fresh blood, barely knew how to survive. After about a days work of getting a small house built and storing some materials for further development planned for the next evenings adventure I signed off.”

“The next evening rolls around and I sign on to find myself waking up on a beach naked like I did when I first started the game. I got raided, and I didn’t know how to cope so I went back to where my house was to find it blown open and empty.”

“I stroll around a bit, typing into chat what happened and everyone kind of laughed and shook it off like ‘Ha Noob got his cherry popped.’ I am running around and get killed randomly, after spawning again the sun is going down so I scramble and start asking for help in local voice chat and I hear someone respond back. These two people offer to take me into their base and only into the front room because they don’t know me or my intentions. Well they feed me and I am the perfect guest.”

“After this I joined on with him and his wife and we keep playing, learning, killing and raiding together. That was about 4 or 5 years ago and we are great friends now. Last year I flew out to him and in a month he will fly out here to hang out and game.”

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I have an awesome story from World of warcraft. I was a troll rogue in the burning crusade expansion. The Isle of queldanas used to be a a contested zone for doing daily quests.

I was a level 68 doing quests there when a level 70 night elf rogue decided to make my life hell for the day.

After camping my dead body and murdering me a gazillion times, I was battered and tired. It was really frustrating because I had to get up for school the other day and I was getting late for bedtime.

I’d joined a PVP only guild back then which was notorious for being the best rogue guild on the server. I called for help on my guild chat and no one responded. I went ahead and respawned on my body. Immediately got sapped by the enemy rogue. I was waiting for the cheap shot when out of no where I noticed a distract and the enemy rogue (his silhouette visible to me because he was in my FOV) getting hit by it and turning away from me. Bam, there was a sap on him.

What started in the next few seconds changed the game for me forever and introduced me to competitive rogue PVP.

Cheap shots, mutilates, kidney shots, eviscerates, poisons, battleground marks went off and I saw how nerve wracking a pro rogue vs rogue fight goes. I wasn’t even stunned but I dared not interfere. Anyone who has played rogue vs rogue in WOW knows how thrilling this is . Every action needs to be made quickly and perfectly timed and every stun/stun release has to be timed right and can spell the difference between life and death. It was lightning fast, the whole fight. Moments later, an undead rogue (our guild’s admin) was standing on the Night elf’s body.

I thanked the undead rogue, but he just vanished away, he liked doing that batman/grim undead rogue thing in front of newbies like me.

The elf did not return for a while. After a few moments I tallied off to do daily quests when I suddenly noticed the night elf rogue hiding AFK on a tree branch much further away from the original place. He was now hiding from my undead friend. The tables had turned.

I’d like to imagine that the undead rogue was there as well, looking for the night elf, watching over me while I killed demons for gold.

I went on to win arena titles in the next 6 years for 3 consecutive years on my server with an undead rogue, frost mage and discipline priest. That rescue not only saved me but made me a hardened rogue in the game. I couldn’t play another class.