Elite Dangerous Will Let Players Stretch Their Virtual Legs In 2021

Space flight sim Elite Dangerous is set to expand next year with the release of the next significant update. While the game has confined players to their cockpits since it launched in 2014, Odyssey revolves around completing missions on foot rather than from behind the controls of a starship.


Details are still scant, but developer Frontier Developments says Odyssey will finally give Elite Dangerous players the opportunity to stretch their legs on unexplored planets. Contracts run the gamut from diplomacy to all-out combat, offering “endless mission variety and a near infinite amount of content.” That’s quite a promise!

Odyssey will also expand Elite Dangerous’ robust customization system with an array of personal weapons and gear, all of which you’ll be able to upgrade at public outposts. Combat is said to be “multi-layered, deep, [and] tactical,” with battlefields composed of on-foot Commanders, surface recon vehicles, and, yes, even starships.

More Elite Dangerous: Odyssey details will be shared periodically between now and the expansion’s release in early 2021.

Staff Writer, Kotaku



I’ve owned Elite Dangerous for years, and tried to get into it several times, including when I first got my VR headset, but the tutorial feels stunted and the game is so vast and sprawling that I’d really love an accessible guide on how to get started without immediately getting lost and being stranded in the vast emptiness.