NCAA Football 13: The Kotaku Review

NCAA Football 13 » 7/11/12 6:01pm 7/11/12 6:01pm arrives at a particularly nostalgic time in my life. I've moved back to my hometown—in a house literally across the street from the five-time state champion high school I graduated. Revered names like Jeff Hayes and Mike Chatham, Harry Jennings and Richard Grissom, and Clarence Edwards (pictured…

NBA Jam Creator Leaves EA Sports for Zynga

Mark Turmell, the creator of the NBA Jam series that saw a revival last year on modern consoles, has left EA Sports for the social games developer Zynga, Kotaku has learned. » 7/13/11 10:00pm 7/13/11 10:00pm

Internal Memo Addresses Madden Losses, Lays Out EA Sports' Expansion…

In an internal memo obtained by IGN, a senior EA Sports executive says the label will soon open a third studio in Texas, and addresses the departures of key developers from its flagship Madden NFL product. » 6/29/11 6:00pm 6/29/11 6:00pm

A Sworcery-Style Farewell to Electronic Arts

EA Tiburon online software engineer Ben Burbank quit his job today, but not without leaving a pixelated postcard to the people he met along the way, inspired by iPad adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. » 5/13/11 2:20pm 5/13/11 2:20pm

EA Sports On NBA Elite: "It Was Just Going To Be A Bad Game"

With NBA Jam on shelves and earning praise (deservedly), EA Sports is being a little more candid about NBA Elite, the canceled title and Jam's original dancing partner. » 11/21/10 2:00pm 11/21/10 2:00pm

Rumor: EA Guts Workforce After Big Playfish Buyout

Electronic Arts has taken the ax to hundreds of employees at locations in Burnaby, Orlando and San Francisco today, according to chatter from former EA employees, issuing layoffs the same day it confirms a buyout of social gaming publisher Playfish. » 11/09/09 2:30pm 11/09/09 2:30pm

EA Confirms Cuts At Madden Developer

What was rumor yesterday is now fact. Madden NFL, Tiger Woods and NCAA Football games developer EA Tiburon is home to the latest casualties at Electronic Arts, though numbers were not disclosed. » 1/21/09 7:20pm 1/21/09 7:20pm

EA Sports Pays A Man To Watch Football All Week

If watching football for a living sounds like your "dream job" then EA Tiburon's Anthony White should be the target of your jealous rage. Of course, White has to watch every single NFL game every single week » 9/29/08 8:20pm 9/29/08 8:20pm, so it might sound like utter torture. Regardless of your perspective, it sure beats digging ditches. Why does…

Madden ‘09 Review: It's Still a W in the Standings

The 20th edition of gaming's signature sports simulation sells us a big-tent philosophy - dueling difficulty settings that will level the playing field between lifelong players of Madden football and more casual gamers who just want in on the fun without reading a playbook the size of an encyclopedia. As a business… » 8/20/08 2:40pm 8/20/08 2:40pm