EA Sports Pays A Man To Watch Football All Week

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If watching football for a living sounds like your "dream job" then EA Tiburon's Anthony White should be the target of your jealous rage. Of course, White has to watch every single NFL game every single week, so it might sound like utter torture. Regardless of your perspective, it sure beats digging ditches. Why does EA pay White to watch every NFL game in existence? To keep Madden NFL up-to-date and accurate and, probably most of all, to keep virtual football obsessive types — like White, who got the job with a little help from his Madden strategy web site — happy with its recreation of the sport. White's weekly three-day watch-a-thon helps him design plays for each year's iteration. This may not be the gaming gig people hear about often, but having to watch NFL football maniacally is something people do for free. Yes, it's quite a little scam. Dream job: Orlando-area man gets paid to watch football [Orlando Sentinel]


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Perhaps the beer and pizza are tax write-offs as business expenses... it's worth a try. I would also watch the NBA all day, every day if possible, and try lobbying for a "Palace Punchout" inclusion in Live '10, sort of like Blades of Steel for the NES, but with jacked-up ballers flattening tubby, drunk fans with one punch.

Artest would obviously be to this minigame what Bo Jackson was in the original Tecmo Bowl.

...Annnnd I just dated myself. Peace out!