EA Confirms Cuts At Madden Developer

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What was rumor yesterday is now fact. Madden NFL, Tiger Woods and NCAA Football games developer EA Tiburon is home to the latest casualties at Electronic Arts, though numbers were not disclosed.


The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that EA Tiburon's Craig Hagen confirmed that cuts were made to the 650-plus employee strong studio in Maitland, Florida, but would not provide specifics. Like cost-cutting measures said to be enacted at Sony and Microsoft, EA Tiburon may to freeze hiring and leave open positions unfilled.


EA announced plans to lay off some 1,000 employees and consolidate facilities in December.

Hagen did confirm that the franchises Tiburon is responsible for — Madden NFL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and NCAA Football — would be staying with the studio.


Layoffs hit Electronic Arts Tiburon in Maitland [Orlando Sentinel]

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job cuts at tiburon? a picture of a shark? coincidence, spanish speakers?!

mcwhertor is even more cunning than i assumed...