Report: EA Shutting Down Its "Partners" Label

Game Informer is reporting that Electronic Arts will soon be closing down its "EA Partners" label, a program that saw the publishing giant release games from external studios like Valve and Crytek. » 4/25/13 1:30am 4/25/13 1:30am

Is There a New Populous Game in Development? And is Insomniac Working…

Some patent and resume digging by French site HardGamers has uncovered the very real possibility that Electronic Arts is bringing back from the dead one of its most treasured old properties: Populous. » 2/02/12 10:30pm 2/02/12 10:30pm

Jamil Moledina Bets on a Platform-Free Gaming Future with Funzio

Some believe the future of video games lies in the web-based streaming of triple A titles. Others feel that game consoles and PCs will one day be replaced with mobile devices. Game industry luminary Jamil Moledina sees a future dominated by social action games that people can play regardless of platform. » 11/07/11 9:30pm 11/07/11 9:30pm

Go To Hell With Shadows of the Damned This Summer

Shinji Mikami and Goichi "Suda 51," the creators behind demon-slaying action adventure Shadows of the Damned, will bring their next adventure to consoles on June 7, EA revealed today. » 3/01/11 6:20pm 3/01/11 6:20pm

Funcom Teams With EA For The Secret World

Independent developer Funcom has joined up with EA's EA Partners division in order to co-publish the upcoming present-day paranormal PC MMO The Secret World. » 1/10/11 10:50am 1/10/11 10:50am

American McGee's Alice Officially Kicks Off TGS Cosplay

American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns wasn't playable at EA's pre-TGS event, but the publisher tried to make up for it with a blood-stained cosplaying Alice who might cut you if you tried to grab the controller. » 9/15/10 6:40pm 9/15/10 6:40pm

EA Predicted Poor Reviews For APB

Electronic Arts provided distribution support for APB, whose bankrupt studio is being sold off; today a senior EA executive said the game's poor reviews were somewhat predicted internally and suggested to Realtime Worlds. » 8/19/10 7:20pm 8/19/10 7:20pm

Three New Peeks Into The Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Baseball star turned game developer Curt Schilling and his team at 38 Studios are hard at work on Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, perhaps the strongest looking role-playing we've ever seen from a professional athlete. » 8/06/10 7:40pm 8/06/10 7:40pm

Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane (With Friend) At Comic-Con

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning creative contributor and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane poses with a Troll before the 38 Studios game panel at Comic-Con 2010. Todd says "You can bludgeon your younger brother with it." Neat! » 7/22/10 8:00pm 7/22/10 8:00pm

Ratchet & Clank Maker's Next Game Coming to the Xbox 360, PS3

The next big gaming franchise from the creators of a decade and a half's worth of some of the Playstation's most beloved titles is coming to the Xbox 360. » 5/25/10 11:00am 5/25/10 11:00am

First Bulletstorm Screens Show Off Outrageously Large Guns, Plants

Painkiller developer People Can Fly are loading Bulletstorm for a 2011 release, promising "outrageously large guns" and "hordes of mutants and flesh eating gangs in an abandoned paradise," all of which one can clearly see in brand new screen shots. » 4/30/10 3:40pm 4/30/10 3:40pm

Video Game Art That Can Kill

Large, light package arrived at our New York office via Electronic Arts today. It contained a limited-edition (destined for charity) Crysis 2 art printed on aluminum. You could slice someone with this thing. » 4/19/10 3:00pm 4/19/10 3:00pm

Silent Hill's Akira Yamaoka Finds New Home At Grasshopper Manufacture

Akira Yamaoka, famous for his musical and directorial contributions to Silent Hill, recently ended his longtime employment at Konami. That publisher's loss is quirky developer Grasshopper Manufacture's gain, as Yamaoka has signed on with Goichi Suda's studio, according to Famitsu. » 2/03/10 4:40pm 2/03/10 4:40pm

American McGee Has a Blank Canvas for Alice Sequel

Deadly jumping jacks, a vivisected dormouse, and a suicidal Alice were the products of famed designer American McGee's first trip through the looking glass. There's no telling where his second will take us. » 2/20/09 10:00am 2/20/09 10:00am

The Return of American McGee's Alice Set For PC, Consoles

Electronic Arts is teaming up with Spicy Horse and American McGee to create a sequel to Electronic Art's PC classic from 2000. » 2/19/09 5:00pm 2/19/09 5:00pm

EA Partners To Distribute Wheel Of Time Games

Red Eagle Games have signed a worldwide distribution deal with EA Partners to distribute games based on Robert Jordan's epic Wheel of Time series of fantasy novels. » 1/15/09 11:40am 1/15/09 11:40am

Former GDC Director Lands At EA Partners

Oh God... they got Jamil, too! Jamil Moledina, the former director of the Game Developers Conference and executive producer of the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards, has been absorbed the EA collective. Moledina left his previous position » 10/14/08 8:20pm 10/14/08 8:20pm in August to pursue "other interests." Moledina's new…

EA Is Coming For Your Developers, Japan

Lock up your developers, Japanese publishers. Your daughters are fine, but EA is about to come knockin', snatching away your best local talent for its EA Partners program. The mega-publisher announced last month that it had signed Grasshopper Manufacture by way of Q Entertainment » 9/03/08 9:00pm 9/03/08 9:00pm for an upcoming horror game, adding…