Jamil Moledina Bets on a Platform-Free Gaming Future with Funzio

Some believe the future of video games lies in the web-based streaming of triple A titles. Others feel that game consoles and PCs will one day be replaced with mobile devices. Game industry luminary Jamil Moledina sees a future dominated by social action games that people can play regardless of platform. » 11/07/11 9:30pm 11/07/11 9:30pm

Former GDC Director Lands At EA Partners

Oh God... they got Jamil, too! Jamil Moledina, the former director of the Game Developers Conference and executive producer of the Independent Games Festival and Game Developers Choice Awards, has been absorbed the EA collective. Moledina left his previous position » 10/14/08 8:20pm 10/14/08 8:20pm in August to pursue "other interests." Moledina's new…