The grand finals of the 2015 Call of Duty Championships are happening today. Which of the 32 competing teams is going to walk away with $400,000? Head over to the Major League Gaming event site to watch live and see which 29 teams are definitely not winning. » 3/29/15 5:12pm Sunday 5:12pm

The top 32 Call of Duty teams in the world are squaring off this weekend in Los Angeles for part of a million dollar prize pool. Catch all the action from the 2015 Call of Duty Championship live over at It's a refreshing change from watching teams of five fight over three lanes. » 3/28/15 4:05pm Saturday 4:05pm

One Of League Of Legends' Worst Champions Made A Surprising Comeback

One of this past weekend's League of Legends championship series games shocked fans thanks to the arrival of a hero character who hasn't shown his hideously mutated face in the eSports scene in quite some time: Urgot. Even more unexpected was the way he carried his team to a resounding victory. » 3/23/15 10:50am 3/23/15 10:50am

StarCraft II  Mod Swaps Unit Abilities, Makes Everything Confusing

"RaceSwap" is an awesome, yet confusing mod where all three factions of StarCraft II get retextured to look and act like a different faction. » 3/19/15 9:00am 3/19/15 9:00am

The Biggest Counter-Strike Event Yet

Over the weekend, all eyes were on Counter-Strike. Well, maybe not all eyes, but more than a million pairs of them—at once, no less. » 3/16/15 6:55pm 3/16/15 6:55pm

A Quake Tournament Where Nobody Knew How To Play Quake

The longer a competitive game's around, the less its high-level matches resemble matches between typical players. Pros begin whipping out plays that blur the line between technique and exploit. So what happens if you press the reset button on all of that? » 2/23/15 9:30pm 2/23/15 9:30pm

Why Riot Is Pissed Off At A League of Legends Streamer

If you're a popular League of Legends eSports player, who actually owns the streams of your matches? That's a complicated question, but in the case of ultra-popular pro Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee, the answer seems clear cut. Another streamer, however, found a loophole that's thrown it all into question. And controversy. » 2/23/15 5:20pm 2/23/15 5:20pm

The Latest Counter-Strike Anti-Cheat Measure? Inspecting Players' Homes

"Knock-knock." "Who's there?" "Counter-Strike police. Open your door. We're here to inspect your computer for cheats." » 2/20/15 12:32pm 2/20/15 12:32pm

The UK Is Getting Its First eSports Arena in March

When we considered last month whether 2015 will finally be the year that eSports gets big in the UK, we mentioned plans for Gfinity's eSports arena in London. Well, it's opening in March. » 2/18/15 7:30am 2/18/15 7:30am

One Of League Of Legends' Best Players Gets Benched

When the North American League of Legends pro team Team Curse picked up Korean player Chae "Piglet" Gwang-jin last year, they thought they'd signed one of the best players in the world. Now just four months later, Piglet's coach announced that he's been replaced by a relative rookie in the starting line-up. The sudden… » 2/17/15 4:10pm 2/17/15 4:10pm

Riot released a lengthy statement about the recent revelations that a League of Legends team manager had threatened one of his players this morning. The company's explanation of its investigation and the ensuing discussion on the League subreddit are both worth reading for fans of the game and eSports followers. » 2/12/15 2:25pm 2/12/15 2:25pm

The White House Is Trying To Sell Obamacare To Gamers

The deadline for getting health insurance through Obamacare is February 15, and the White House has enlisted heavy hitters from the eSports community to encourage players to sign up. » 2/11/15 4:15pm 2/11/15 4:15pm

The Stories Behind Some Of Pro Gaming's Oddest Names

eSports may be bigger than ever, but it can still be hard to take players seriously when their competitive names are things like Dr. Pee Pee, Balls, JesusStick, FruitDealer, and Rape. Yes, there's a Counter-Strike player called Rape. » 2/11/15 1:00pm 2/11/15 1:00pm

League Of Legends Team Fires Manager For Threatening One Of His Players

German eSports team Meet Your Makers (MYM) has "released" its manager Sebastian "Falli" Rotterdam following the revelation that he had threatened League of Legends player Marcin "Kori" Wolski to intimidate him against quitting the team. » 2/10/15 12:35pm 2/10/15 12:35pm

League Of Legends Player Tries To Quit Team, Manager Freaks Out

The new League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) is only just beginning, but the popular esports event has already been hit with a scandal as revelations surfaced yesterday that a manager of a well-known team threatened one player's mother so he wouldn't try to leave. » 2/09/15 5:40pm 2/09/15 5:40pm

Valve To Counter-Strike Pros: Never Bet On Matches

Recently there have been accusations (some proven) of match-fixing and illicit betting in professional Counter-Strike matches. Valve announced their verdict against the trend, bringing their ban-gavel down on multiple bigtime North American players. Now, they've added some stern advice: pros should stop betting… » 2/06/15 9:25pm 2/06/15 9:25pm

One Of StarCraft's Biggest Players Is Leaving For Dota 2

One of StarCraft II's most accomplished and well-known esports players is retiring from the game after two and half years at the very top of its competitive scene. Sasha Hostyn, or "Scarlett" to her many fans, recently revealed that she's stepping away to try playing Dota 2 instead. » 2/06/15 1:15pm 2/06/15 1:15pm

The League of Legends tournament allowing one LGBTQ person per team has apologized and removed its widely criticized restrictions. "We'll also be keeping our promise of having an open dialogue with all parties as we plan this and future events," the group said. » 2/04/15 11:55am 2/04/15 11:55am