You Won't Believe How Different This TV Anime Looks

Tomorrow, the latest disc version of anime Mekakucity Actors goes on sale in Japan. Above, you can see a scene from the broadcast version. And holy crap, the Blu-ray/DVD release seems different. » 11/25/14 8:00am 11/25/14 8:00am

Your CDs & DVDs Won't Last Forever

One of the reasons so many people prefer physical media over digital downloads is the supposed permanency of it all. HDD goes bad? Memory corrupted? Doesn't matter, I've still got the disc! Remember, though, that those discs will not live forever. » 5/14/14 10:00pm 5/14/14 10:00pm

Chinese Bootleggers Are Just Screwing Around

Pretty sure Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't in Star Wars: Episode I. That didn't keep Chinese bootleggers from slapping his mug on this pirated box. » 2/02/13 2:00am 2/02/13 2:00am

The Second Ace Attorney Musical is the Most Depressing Phoenix Wright…

Back in May, we took a look at the first Phoenix Wright musical, Ace Attorney: Truth Resurrected » 12/14/12 8:00am 12/14/12 8:00am. The musical presented a retelling of the final case in the DS remake of the first game, "From the Ashes." And it was so well done that I went so far as to say that it was better than the section of the game it was based…

Bikini Lady with an Anime Head Is More Than *Just* Nightmare Fuel

Standing out in the world of Japanese pin-up models is not easy. Being attractive is often not enough! Anna Amamiya decided the best way for her to separate herself from the competition was an anime mask.

Debuting in 2010, Amamiya released an image DVD, which featured her in various provocative poses, wearing said… » 9/07/12 7:55am 9/07/12 7:55am

This $22,000 TV Makes Blu-ray Look Bad

Remember when Blu-ray first came out? And Sony was trumpeting it (and the PS3) as the paramount of HD clarity? Well, yes, Blu-ray still looks fantastic. Thing is, this LG TV just looks fantasticer » 8/22/12 7:00am 8/22/12 7:00am.

GameCenter CX Is Coming to DVD

The 12 episodes of GameCenter CX that appeared right here on Kotaku are DVD bound with two audio tracks, including the original Japanese narration. Should be out later this summer. [ » 2/29/12 5:20am 2/29/12 5:20am

The Pac-Man Saturday Morning Cartoon is Coming to DVD Next Week

Despite how silly it looks, the Pac-Man animated series broadcast on ABC in the early 1980s was a modest success. It lasted only two seasons, but that can partly be attributed to the crash of home console video gaming taking the subject off people's minds. » 2/26/12 5:00pm 2/26/12 5:00pm

Dragon's Lair, the Animated Series, Now on DVD

The further animated adventures of Dirk the Daring, Hanna-Barbera's 1984 Dragon's Lair cartoon, is now available on a two-disc DVD set, thanks to Warner Bros. It's early '80s animated Dragon's Lair fun, only without the rote memorization! [WBshop via EGM] » 9/20/11 8:45pm 9/20/11 8:45pm

Alternate ending to Limitless: Is Bradley Cooper heading for the…

Did you think the ending of Limitless was too neat and tidy? Did you think Bradley Cooper got off too lightly after spiraling down the rabbit hole of brain-enhancement drugs and superdickery? » 6/29/11 11:00am 6/29/11 11:00am

We'll Forgive Another Take on Catherine's Scantily-Clad Actress for Not…

Launching day-and-date with Atlus' sexy Persona spin-off Catherine, Another Take on Catherine is 70 minutes of Japanese gravure idol CoCo demonstrating how much she looks like the game's title character both with and without clothes. Just don't ask her to play the game. » 5/16/11 8:30pm 5/16/11 8:30pm

This is All You Really Need to See of Uwe Boll's Latest Bloodrayne Movie

Next month Phase 4 Films releases the latest movie in Uwe Boll's epic Bloodrayne series on Blu-ray and DVD, Bloodrayne: The Third Reich, starring Natassia Malthe and her breasts. Instead of purchasing it, why not just look at Fangoria's exclusive images and make up your own story? » 5/13/11 12:20pm 5/13/11 12:20pm

Tekken Brings the Iron Fist Tournament Direct to Blu-ray and DVD in July

The live action Tekken movie adaptation is bringing its version of the long-running fighting game series to a disc format near you this summer. Starting July 19, you can own Tekken on DVD, Blu-ray or some combination of the two. » 5/10/11 4:40pm 5/10/11 4:40pm

Redbox Video Game Rentals Go Nationwide In June

After nearly two years of testing video game rentals in its ubiquitous crimson movie rental machines, Redbox is ready to take its game national, offering game rentals at more than 21,000 locations nationwide starting June 17. » 4/28/11 5:20pm 4/28/11 5:20pm

Xbox 360's "New Disc Format" Is A 1GB Storage Boost

So, Microsoft is testing a "new disc format". The more fanciful of you are thinking that means "Blu-Ray". The more sensible and well-connected are thinking it's something a little more realistic. » 3/30/11 5:30am 3/30/11 5:30am

Tron: Legacy Comes To Blu-ray (With The Original Tron!)

Looks like Disney's planning a Blu-ray and DVD disc orgy for the upcoming home video release of 2010's Tron: Legacy. And it looks like that includes the long-awaited release of the 1982 original on Blu-ray as well. » 2/03/11 9:00pm 2/03/11 9:00pm

Kiss Your Copying Software Goodbye, Japan!

Under current Japanese, it is illegal to upload or sell pirated games and movies. It is legal to copy for one's own personal use. Better get all your personal copying done pronto, because that's going to get harder. » 12/06/10 4:00am 12/06/10 4:00am

10 must-watch movies that influenced Scott Pilgrim

In celebration of today's Scott Pilgrim DVD/Blu-ray release, guest editor Edgar Wright is posting all day at io9. First up: his detailed list, given to io9 exclusively, of the top 10 DVDs that influenced Scott Pilgrim. » 11/10/10 2:57pm 11/10/10 2:57pm