There's no Game of Thrones this week. How to cope? With a preview of its upcoming Japanese language disc release.

While many of the books have gotten Japanese language editions, the series hasn't yet reached the public in Japan in the way Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter have.

The show is already being broadcasted on Star Channel, a Japanese cable network. Not everyone in Japan has cable TV, so Game of Thrones really hasn't had the opportunity to find a larger audience in the country. Yet.

In Japan, lots of people rent physical media. Thus, the first season's DVD and Blu-ray release is really what could make the Game of Thrones a mainstream hit in Japan, like, say, 24 or Lost were a few years back. There's no reason why Game of Thrones won't take off in Japan.


For those living in Japan, the DVD and Blu-ray versions will be subtitled.

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