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This Year's Most Insane Anime Episode Won't Get a DVD or Blu-ray Release

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The first episode of the new Mr. Osomatsu anime is hilarious, trippy as hell, and won’t be getting a re-release.

In case you missed it, here are Kotaku’s impressions of that episode. Even for a gag anime, it was totally bonkers. This, basically:


Of course, the most suitable reaction to this is “What the fuck did I just watch?” If you happened to see this animated madness, consider yourself lucky.

Today, the show’s official website announced that the first episode would not be getting a DVD or Blu-ray release next January in Japan. Streaming will also cease. The site added that a committee reached this decision.


Instead, the volume one DVD/Blu-ray will feature the second episode, the third episode, and an all new episode to take the M.I.A. first episode’s place.

So, what gives? Why is this episode vanishing into the ether? As previously mentioned, the episode features a slew of parodies. For example:

[via 2ch]

The first Mr. Osomatsu episode is on the left, while the anime shows it parodied are on the right. Anime do parody each other, and it’s not uncommon, but perhaps, this episode overdid it?


Who knows if this episode will ever get a proper re-release, but I’m assuming all these parodies didn’t go over well among other anime studios. And with anime companies being incredibly strict about copyright for widely distributed, mainstream works, doubt something like could slide by.

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