Driver San Francisco Races Back to the Dark Ages of Mobile Gaming

Before the Android and the iPhone mobile gaming seemed a hopeless endeavor, where every game released felt like a cereal box toy facsimile of a more complete console experience. Gameloft's Android version of Driver San Francisco remembers those days all too well. » 11/01/11 9:40am 11/01/11 9:40am

Jump Into the Minds of Driver: San Francisco's Toughest Critics

After spending more than a decade slowly morphing into Grand Theft Auto, Ubisoft's Driver franchise a metaphysical turn that seems right at home in San Francisco. It's the ultimate out of body experience! » 9/06/11 6:30pm 9/06/11 6:30pm

Driver's main problem stems from the lack of evolution. Putting it bluntly, the game feels old and archaic.…

Ubisoft Thinks its PC DRM is a "Success" (it is Wrong)

Ubisoft has about the worst digital rights management system in all of PC gaming, forcing users to stay connected to the internet at all times to play a game, even if it's singleplayer. Yet despite almost universal loathing for it, the company thinks it's a "success". » 7/29/11 1:30am 7/29/11 1:30am

Our Weird Video Game Summer Has a No-Strike Madden, a Kooky Catherine, …

Blockbuster video games rarely released during the summer. But scale is no measure of quality; and while not all are of AAA-proportions, we'll demonstrate that this summer's schedule could include some of the strangest and boldest titles of the year. » 6/24/11 11:00am 6/24/11 11:00am

How Do You Like Driver: San Francisco Now?

Ubisoft Reflection's attempt to get the Driver series back on track will hit on August 30, according to a new trailer for the game that's coming to just about every platform imaginable. Want to see what Driver: San Francisco looks like now? Have a look. » 4/28/11 3:40pm 4/28/11 3:40pm