French publisher Ubisoft may be the latest company to lock out online multiplayer modes to anyone who buys their games used. A report from Gamerzines says that Ubi will soon introduce the "Uplay Passport," the latest one time use code scheme required to get your game online.

The site says that Ubisoft will kick off its Uplay Passport program with Driver: San Francisco, requiring that players either buy new to get that single use online ticket or pay for the privilege via the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store. It sounds like the same approach the Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., THQ and (soon) Sony Computer Entertainment will take in their attempts to squeeze some more cash from used game sales.


As distasteful as that news may be for people who prefer to purchase their video games previously owned and at a ten dollar discount, I'll just note that Driver: San Francisco's multiplayer is outstanding and really should be experienced.

We've contacted Ubisoft to confirm its Uplay Passport plans.

Ubisoft introducing online pass system with Uplay Passport [Gamerzines]

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