Illustration for article titled Used Copies of Some of Ubisofts Upcoming Games Will Require a $10 Passport To Play Online

Ubisoft today confirmed rumors that they will begin locking out free online multiplayer modes to anyone who buys some of their newer games used.


The new Uplay Passport program will begin in the "coming months and will be included in many of Ubisoft's popular core games," according to today's official release. This backs up rumors that hit earlier this week of the upcoming "service."


The service means that those "popular core games" will come with a registration code that, when redeemed, provides access to bonus content, exclusive offers and, most importantly, online multiplayer.

If a person gets the game used, from a friend or through a purchase, they will need to pay $10 to buy a new Uplay Passport to access that content and play online.

The first game to get the add-on used game fee will be Driver: San Francisco. Ubisoft joins Electronic Arts, Warner Bros., THQ and (soon) Sony Computer Entertainment, in adding a charge for gamers to play their titles online if purchased used or played secondhand.

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