Ubisoft and DC Team Up for Driver Comic

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Ubisoft and DC Comics' WildStorm Productions are teaming up to produce a comic set in the Driver video game series universe, with a preview comic to be given away at Comic-Con this week.


The comic itself, illustrated by Greg Scott and written by David Lapham, takes place after the events of Driv3r and ends just before the beginning of the upcoming DRIVER San Francisco. It follows the vengeance-motivated actions of wheelman John Tanner and promises to explore his past, setting the scene up for the upcoming video game installment.

Martin Edmondson, creative director at Ubisoft Reflections, had this to say about the decision to make a comic, "When looking at how to present Tanner's story leading into DRIVER San Francisco, doing a comic book was a perfect fit; we could tell the story in a gritty, hard-edged fashion using cinematic visuals and emotional set pieces, yet in a palatable and mainstream medium."

The special preview comic, "Issue 0," will be given out at both Ubisoft's and DC Comics' booths. There will also be special signing sessions by Jock, the cover artist. The schedule and location for these sessions are listed below.

Thursday, July 22nd, 2–3pm, DC Comics booth (1915)
Friday, July 23rd, 11am–12 noon, Ubisoft booth (4245)
Friday, July 23rd, 4–5pm, DC Comics booth (1915)
Saturday, July 24th, 3–4pm, DC Comics booth (1915)

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i know the driver series has really failed since the first game, and maybe since the second, but i'm really hoping the new game gets back to what made the first great.

awesome police chases through alleyways filled with debris and weaving through traffic while the cops chase after you, epic crashes and explosions, and just being the most epic wheelman this side of the rocky mountains.