This Week's Nintendo Download Involves A Little Boy Hanging Out With Grown Men In Spandex

While I'm looking forward to Denpa Men, a new downloadable RPG for the eShop that sort of looks like a cross between Pikmin and Dragon Quest, I would strongly urge the folks behind the game to reconsider the above marketing campaign. This is the type of stuff that traumatizes kids for life. »9/20/12 10:40am9/20/12 10:40am


The First Fully Downloadable New Mario Game Dominates the Weekly Nintendo Download

With Sunday seeing the debut of New Super Mario Bros. 2, the first Nintendo-published title launched simultaneously at retail and in digital form, a game would have to be some sort of crazy chicken pirate to try and muscle in on this week's Nintendo Download. So yeah, Mario and two games named Crazy Chicken: Pirate. »8/16/12 4:00pm8/16/12 4:00pm