This Week's Nintendo Download Involves A Little Boy Hanging Out With Grown Men In Spandex

While I'm looking forward to Denpa Men, a new downloadable RPG for the eShop that sort of looks like a cross between Pikmin and Dragon Quest, I would strongly urge the folks behind the game to reconsider the above marketing campaign. This is the type of stuff that traumatizes kids for life.

This week's roundup of Nintendo downloads includes a demo for the aforementioned Denpa Men, the Indiana Jones-like WiiWare game La Mulana, and two 3DS games that both involve water.


Here's this week in Nintendo downloads (descriptions via Nintendo):


Retro Pocket
Platform: 3DS / DSi
Price: $4.99 / 500 Points

Retro Pocket is a fun and exciting video game that brings you back to the glory days of LED handhelds! Discover eight all-original LED-style games such as Kung Fu Hero, Whale Escape, Mind Your Head, Candy Factory and more! Retro Pocket features Game A and Game B modes in all eight games for extra gameplay variations and more high scores to obtain. Aside from the retro visuals, an all-original retro-game-inspired soundtrack await your ears as well! UFO Interactive Games would like to welcome you (back) into the wonderful world of Retro Pocket!


Rising Board 3D
Platform: 3DS
Price: $2.99

Sun, sand, waves! Do you miss the sandy beaches?!? Get your board and dive into the happy, colorful world of Pop Island!!! If you are looking for fame or just the beauty of a trick, join us! You're joining a style, you're joining a family!!! Put your board in the water and surf the wave!!! Slalom across the islands to collect sun points! You can use them to buy new boards! Whether you are riding a sailboard, or a kiteboard, a wakeboard or a surf, define your style, leave your mark. Launch your best tricks and, carried by the music, create your choreography. These are not just tricks, it is an experience of making a beautiful gesture, with good timing, with joy!!! Special events punctuate your progress. Wait to surf giant waves or step onto a stream so fast it makes time stand still!


La Mulana
Platform: Wii
Price: 1,000 Points

Are you ready to survive all types of traps and discover all the secrets of La Mulana?La Mulana is the most complete "archaeology action and exploration" game ever created. Take control of Professor Lemeza and his inseparable whip to discover the mysteries of Humanity! Face all types of traps, enemies and Guardians in the greatest adventure every created for WiiWare. In La Mulana you will explore vast temples and, most importantly, you will have the feeling of total immersion. Each mechanism, trap or puzzle you solve will be a great achievement.




THE "DENPA" MEN: They Came By Wave
Platform: 3DS
Full Release: September 27

Radio waves are all around you. However, what you might not know is that, at any and all times, mysterious little creatures float around near these waves. They're called "Denpa" Men. You can't see them normally, but you can find them and catch them with your Nintendo 3DS. This is a role-playing game in which you collect Denpa Men to form a party, and use this party to explore dungeons. Each radio wave territory has its own completely unique Denpa Men, and no two of them are ever the same! Their faces, bodies, and personalities are all different, and some of them even have special skills and strong points. There's a practically infinite number of variations! Sometimes, you'll even find Denpa Men who are exceptionally strong. Try searching in lots of different places to form your own team of these wonderful tiny critters, and take them on an adventure to rescue a certain special someone from the clutches of the King of Evil!




Meat or Die: Naomi
Platform: 3DS

They're back!

When Yans is tempted to go vegetarian, Gans snaps him out of it and refocuses their attention on their next big prize: Naomi.

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