Which of this week's three downloadable Nintendo games is worth a second glance? I'll give you a hint: It's not Carmen Sandiego's latest math adventure or the poker game. That's right, it's... oh damn, you've fallen asleep.

You look so peaceful when you're sleeping. I'll just let you rest there. Maybe tuck a blanket around you. You've grown up so fast! Just be sure to wake up in time to check out Zombie Slayer Diox for the 3DS. It's a rhythm-action game about a rock-and-roll samurai defeating the undead with the power of music.


Until then, sweet dreams.


Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math: The Island of Diamonds
Publisher: The Learning Company
Price: 600 Wii Points
We're between a rock and a hard place, detective! Five priceless diamonds have been stolen from some of the world's greatest museums. The Chief wants ACME's best agent on this case, and that means you, detective. He's adamant that you can put Carmen Sandiego's criminal schemes on ice once and for all! Carmen Sandiego is back and only you can foil her V.I.L.E plans. Travel the globe, solve brain-twisting math puzzles, and finally confront the world's greatest thief. Crack the case of the Island of Diamonds in single-player Story Mode. Perfect your math skills in single-player Practice Mode. Challenge your friends and family to solve math puzzles against the clock in Multiplayer Mode. In Carmen Sandiego Adventures in Math, you practice your math skills and use them to fight crime. Ideal for grades 4–5, math topics include arithmetic, logic puzzles, fractions and much more!

DSiWare (DSi / 3DS)


1st Class Poker & BlackJack
Publisher: Cosmigo
Price: $4.99 / 500 DSi Points
Welcome on Board our Casino-Ship for First Class Poker and BlackJack! Rarely have there been so many variations of Poker, BlackJack and Videopoker in a single collection: Texas Hold'em, Double Flop Hold'em, Omaha, Pineapple and many more classics are waiting for you. Win the tournament or challenge your friends with the local multiplayer - with up to five participants. You can extensively adjust the game according to your own rules choosing computer opponents from beginners to pros. Celebrate your victories and communicate with the aid of the integrated voice- and text chat. The amusing 3D graphic and even your own photo in the game make this collection a first class Poker-Package.



Zombie Slayer Diox
Publisher: UFO Interactive
Price: $5.99
Zombie Slayer Diox is a rhythm-action game with a side-scrolling twist! You are put into the jeans and leather boots of a samurai guitarist in the year 20xx. Zombies have taken over most major cities in the world and our hero, Diox, is on a quest to put an end to the undead. Diox lures the zombies with his sweet songs and sick guitar solos, and he cuts them down with his mighty katana when they get close. There is a rumor that deep within zombie territory, a super guitar amp exists that can be used to kill thousands of zombies at once with a strum of a simple power chord…

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