Another week has passed, and once more Nintendo has brought us an amazing lineup of downloadable goodies! Mega Man for the Game Boy! Bridge! That other game! Excitement!

And I'm spent.

No real excitement this week. Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge is nice if you like recycled NES content, and Hearts is a game I don't think I'm old enough to play yet. *checks pulse* Nope, still have a pulse. MotoHeroz for WiiWare looks colorful and somewhat exciting, but it's also 1,500 Wii points, or $15.00, and with no demo available I can only stare at it suspiciously


DSiWare (3DS and DS)

Publisher: Cosmigo
Price: $4.99 / 500 DSi Points
The king of trick-taking card-games. Now on Nintendo DSiWare!

You can modify the rules of each game and set the AI opponents from beginner to pro difficulty level. Challenge your friends in a local multiplayer game with up to 4 players per game copy. Celebrate your victories and use the integrated speech and text chat functions.


Funny comic 3D graphics on the beach, the varied textures and using your own photo in the game make this collection a fabulous package.

Have lots of fun playing Bridge


Defense of the Middle Kingdoms
Publisher: Aksys Games
Price: $4.99 / 500 DSi Points
In DotMK, you place stationary soldiers on the map, in an effort to halt the oncoming forces' progress. Opposing soldiers will walk along a predetermined path, and it is therefore your mission to successfully defend your waypoint. Enemies will come in waves, trying to invade your territory. If you can keep them from reaching the end of the path, then victory is secured. If the enemies manage to slip by your defenses, they will damage your defense point. If the defense point number reaches 0, then it is your defeat.

eShop (3DS)


Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Publisher: Capcom
Price: $2.99
Dr. Wily is at it again.! Fresh from his defeat at the hands of Mega Man, the mad scientist Dr. Wily has revived his Robot Masters and even constructed a new ""Mega Man Killer"" named Enker, all to further his quest for global domination. Now, only Mega Man can save the world from destruction.! Featuring content from the original Mega Man and Mega Man 2, play as Capcom's iconic cybernetic superhero in his first portable adventure. Fight through four stages in order to send Dr. Wily and his eight evil creations back to the trash heap.

WiiWare (Wii)


Publisher: Redlynx
Price: 1,500 Wii Points
Racing game thrills meet platformer charm in MotoHeroz, a side-scrolling racer built with simple controls and engaging physics. The result is a new kind of racing adventure! Players race, chase, and rally their way through a brightly colored world, competing against their friends for the fastest times, entering daily races, and hunting for secrets and coins.

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