​Games Still Getting More Money Than Anything Else on Kickstarter

Kickstarter just let the world know that they've pulled in more than $1 billion dollars for thousands of crowdfunding projects since the company launched. And the category that raked in the most cash? Games, once again, to the tune of $215.75 million. » 3/03/14 11:03am 3/03/14 11:03am

Broken Age, Act 1: The Kotaku Review

This is what you wanted from Double Fine Adventure: A cartoony stylized world, lovingly rendered in 2D and fractured in ways that only nonsensical combinations of random items can fix. What you're getting in Broken Age, Act 1: All of that, but with a level of cuteness, humor and heartache that's exceedingly rare in… » 1/28/14 12:30pm 1/28/14 12:30pm

Somehow, Tim Schafer's Adventure Game Needs More Money

Double Fine's adventure game Kickstarter was one of 2012's great success stories, bringing in over $3 million in community funding. A year later, though, it turns out that wasn't enough money to get the game finished. » 7/02/13 7:14pm 7/02/13 7:14pm

Nvidia's New Gaming Handheld Is Out In June For $350

Announced in January as Project Shield, Nvidia's intriguing new handheld now has a price, a June release window, and the promise of Double Fine's Broken Age. Who's ready to spend $350 on a dedicated Android gaming device? » 5/14/13 9:00am 5/14/13 9:00am

Tim Schafer Wants You to Know How Double Fine Makes Its Games

The Amnesia Fortnight sessions at Double Fine have been a sort of open secret at Tim Schafer's Double Fine development studios. People can point to what's come out of those brainstorming marathons, in the form of Iron Brigade, Costume Quest and Stacking. And the folks at Double Fine have made the latest Amnesia… » 11/22/12 5:00pm 11/22/12 5:00pm

Kickstarter Pulls In More Money For Games Than For Almost Anything Else

People giving money to Kickstarter projects love games. How much do they love them? According to Kickstarter's number crunchers, over $50 million dollars over the last eight months have gone to games campaigns. That's more money than has gone to film, tech or music projects. » 9/06/12 2:00pm 9/06/12 2:00pm

Check Out the First Volume of The Double Fine Adventure Documentary

If you pledged financial support during Double Fine's now-legendarily successful Kickstarter campaign, you probably already saw this video. But if you didn't, now you get to. » 5/11/12 4:30pm 5/11/12 4:30pm

These Might be the First Screens of Tim Schafer's New Adventure Game

A few hours ago, Double Fine uploaded a clip on Vimeo. It had some interesting imagery in it. Of what looks a lot like the company's new, Kickstarter-funded adventure game. » 4/24/12 8:42pm 4/24/12 8:42pm

Double Fine's Adventure Game Will Have the Longest Credits Sequence of…

If you even thought about giving money to Double Fine's Kickstarter project for a new adventure game, you'd have seen that the minimum contribution to get a reward was $15. That got you a copy of the game when released, so it wasn't a bad deal. » 3/13/12 10:00pm 3/13/12 10:00pm

Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Passes $3 Million Dollar Mark

The crowd-funding for the upcoming adventure game project from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Studios already broke all kinds of Kickstarter records weeks ago, when it reached its funding goal of $400,000 in eight hours. It's passed $3,000,000—which was the budget for Schafer's classic Grim Fandango—making it one of the… » 3/13/12 9:45am 3/13/12 9:45am

Double Fine's Adventure Game Will be DRM-Free, Available on PC, Mac &…

Because you all gave Tim Schafer and his Double Fine studio so much damn money, their upcoming old-school adventure is going to be a little bigger than first planned. » 2/15/12 7:19pm 2/15/12 7:19pm

Tim Schafer Raised $23,000 While We Interviewed Him

Tim Schafer sure is having a hell of a day. After asking the world to help his studio Double Fine make a new old-school adventure game, he has destroyed Kickstarter's records for having the fastest-earning page. As of this posting, they're at $875,000. That will change in mere seconds. » 2/09/12 4:00pm 2/09/12 4:00pm