Got an Indie Game Idea You Want to Pitch? Get on the Bus

If your typical San Francisco convention-goer is cruising for anything when he's in town, he's probably up in the Tenderloin scouting hookers. Not Fork Parker. The CEO spokesmascot for Devolver Digital (publishers of Serious Sam) will be trawling SoMa outside the Moscone Center in that there bus, listening to new… » 1/26/12 8:30pm 1/26/12 8:30pm

That Guy From Gamecock Is Also The Star of This Stoner Comedy

Mike Wilson, he of Ion Storm, Gamecock, Gathering of Developers and Devolver Digital video game company founding fame, is also the star and producer of Austin High, a "goofball stoner comedy" that has nothing to do with video games (I think) and everything to do with joints and bongs and slackerdom. » 10/10/11 8:00pm 10/10/11 8:00pm