Think Your Drive is Brutal? Check Out the Vehicles of Dead Rising 3

Capcom this morning put out a new cinematic trailer [NSFW language] for Dead Rising 3, and if you've gotten a good chuckle from improvised weapons like the paddlesaw, just wait the hell until you see the RollerHawg. The A-Team could only dream of being locked in a garage and coming up with something this dangerous. »8/20/13 3:30pm8/20/13 3:30pm

Dead Rising 3 Would Break the 360, That's Why It Went to Xbox One

Properly conveying the size and behavior of a shambling horde of mindless, slobbering zombies takes up a lot of memory in video game development. That's why the crowd at Cleveland Browns games is even more lifeless in Madden. And it's why Dead Rising 3 decided to sit out the current generation for more power in the… »7/20/13 2:00pm7/20/13 2:00pm