Capcom this morning put out a new cinematic trailer [NSFW language] for Dead Rising 3, and if you've gotten a good chuckle from improvised weapons like the paddlesaw, just wait the hell until you see the RollerHawg. The A-Team could only dream of being locked in a garage and coming up with something this dangerous.


Vehicular combinations will join improvised weapons in Dead Rising 3, and one of them is the RollerHawg, which one assembles from the parts of a motorcycle, a steamroller, plus two flamethrowers and what appears to be a tiller attachment on the front. Real-life, I'm guessing that thing would go from 0-60 in the time it takes to bake a potato, and need about a mile of stopping distance once it gets up to speed. In Dead Rising 3, it's the baddest ride on the planet.

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