The Big Games Are Out, So Now It's DLC Season.

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Don't trade your games in (yet?). We're moving into DLC season, what with yesterday's confirmation of next week's release of Assassin's Creed IV's first big expansion, the recent news of bold DLC plans for GTA V—and now info about the first one for Xbox One launch game Dead Rising 3.


Here's the official blurb:

Today, Capcom Vancouver unveiled Operation Eagle, the first "Dead Rising 3" DLC installment to the Untold Stories of Los Perdidos. This episode puts you in control of Spec Ops Commander Adam Kane on a mission that challenges everything he believes and sets him out to capture the missing President of the United States. Operation Eagle features a new mission, five new weapons, one new combo weapon, one new vehicle, a new clothing outfit, plus additional Gamerscore and the ability to carry experience points back to "Dead Rising 3."

Capcom will also be putting out a demo for the game, according to this morning's Xbox news release. The demo can only be played for 20 minutes and only twice per Gamertag.

No release dates for this stuff yet.

Operation Eagle will be available on December 24, according to an Xbox spokesperson. The demo will be out on the 17th. Actually.... the demo's out now. Hooray!

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"Don't trade your games in (yet?)."

No, no, no. The way to do it is to buy the game early, play it, trade it in while the trade in value is still high, then wait for a sale to buy it and the DLC together (or ideally, if you can wait, get the GotY edition on sale). Just got Skyrim Legendary on sale. Played the main game when it first came out and now I'm on to all the DLC...albeit years later...