Analysis Alleges Microsoft Gimped Third-Party Video in the New Xbox Dashboard

Shortly after the new "Metro" dashboard for the Xbox 360 was released to the public, Eurogamer's Digital Foundry noticed that in-dash video was of a poorer quality than the same video played elsewhere. Investigating further—as Microsoft remained totally silent on the matter—it's discovered why: They say the software… »1/07/12 12:00pm1/07/12 12:00pm

Watch The New 360 Dash (And A Larry Hryb Tracksuit) In Action

You've seen images, but for the dim-witted, images may not be enough to get across just how the 360's new dash update is going to work. So here's a couple of videos, showcasing not only what it looks like in motion, but what Microsoft's Larry Hryb looks like in a snappy Xbox 360 track-top. There's another longer,… »7/18/08 9:40pm7/18/08 9:40pm