Xbox 360 Fall Update Coming Out In November

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RPG-TV got a briefing last week on the Xbox Live Experience and was told that the Fall dashboard update would be hitting in November, i.e. this fall. Makes sense to me. Before I start sounding too glib, while the fall update has routinely landed in November, an update of this size could have theoretically been pushed back to later in the year. So it is nice to have Microsoft telling some on the record that we can expect our sexy new look and deeper features in three months or so. Preview of New Xbox Experience + LIPS [RPG-TV]


Foxstar loves Bashcraft

@Ashkihyena:Microsoft's Xbox Police have enough to do without giving even more people the chance to put sexual organs in their gamer pictures.

@PapaBear434:Even locked down "You don't customize shit unless we sell you that pixelated clothing" Sony Home avatars takes time.

@LittleBigPlaneteer:No one bought Windows XP Media Center, so of course gamers at large would scream "XMB RIP! XMB RIP!"

@reddkidd:I do and I don't. With as old as Live is and the sheer amount of content on there, the blade system can be slow and clogged up for folks who don't know how to dig for stuff. And with all the money that's gone into both Live and PSN, you need a system as seamless as possible to avoid frustrating the folks who do want to pay for DLC, or DLM.