A Closer Look At The Kinect Beta's Avatars and Dashboards

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With the official Kinect Beta flooding out to those select few whom Microsoft invited to test out their upcoming motion gaming add-on, the images are already starting to stream in.


Here for your perusal is a closer look at both Kinect's new dashboard and menu systems and the revamped avatars hitting the Xbox 360 when the peripheral hits stores in November.

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Remember when these avatars first surfaced on the 360? They were known as the "Mii Ripoffs" and nothing has changed at all. Microsoft always thinks that they can out do Sony and Nintendo with silly rip off shit or stealing exclusives, or any dirty tactic. Truth is, the HD DVD attachment was just their attempt to rip off the PS3's capability to play Bluray movies. The Kinect is nothing but a rip off to what the Playstation Eye camera can already do, meanwhile they try to capitalize on the Wii. The clothing on the avatars is an obvious rip off to what Playstation Home already did and does. Sony develops a slim PS3, so what does M$ do? Ya... you get the picture.